Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

Tips For An Attractive Residential Landscape

by Dan Mckinney

Improving the landscape on your property not only increases curb appeal, but it can also help you achieve a desirable look and atmosphere. With a few modifications, you can turn your property into a work of art or a personal escape.

Choose A Theme

Picking a theme will make it easier to select plants and other elements for your landscape. One way to choose a theme is to think about your goals for the front and back yards. For example, the goal for your front yard may be to make the space inviting, especially if you want curb appeal or if you frequently have visitors. The back yard could be a relaxing environment where you can read, paint, or simply enjoy the outdoors. The theme of your landscape will likely dictate the color scheme. For a relaxing or inviting atmosphere, blues are often associated with peace and tranquility. To make the space more upbeat, you will want to incorporate bold colors, such as red and orange. Similarly, smells can add to the environment. Plant lavender for a calmer smell or dwarf citrus trees for an energizing fragrance.

Make Fences Blend In

Although the white picket fence is symbolic of homeownership, it can become a visual distraction. If you are in the market for a new fence, try looking for fencing materials that are more neutral. Natural wood fences are the easiest to harmonize with the rest of your landscape, mainly because they are neutral in color. To enhance the appearance of your wooden fence, do not be afraid to allow the natural character of the wood to show. Knots and unique wood grain patterns are best sealed with a clear protectant and not painted over. If you currently have a fence and would rather paint over it, try aiming for a neutral color scheme. Browns, greens, or even off-white can soften the look of your fence and help it blend into the surrounding area.

Creeping plants help blend most fences into the surrounding landscape. Different species of ivy are commonly used as creeping plants because they are easy to grow and require little maintenance, except for occasional trimming. You may want to add plants that grow on a vine, but add color or texture to your property. Some varieties of roses grow on vines. Other options may include small edible plants, especially if you enjoy attracting birds to your property.

Change Your Walkways

Subtle changes to the walkways on your property can transform your entire landscape. One elegant change is adding an arch to the beginning of your walkway or in the back yard if you have a special seating area. Arches also have an intuitive feel, especially if you have a large yard and want to guide visitors along a path. You may want to change your walkways from simple concrete to brick or cobblestone, which can add subtle variations in color and texture. Another option is to create the look of flagstone, without the hefty price tag.

For a brick walkway, integrate special patterns. Instead of the traditional horizontal pattern, a diagonal pattern or one that changes as you walk along the path can create visual interest. Whether you use your back yard to entertain or you simply want an easy path from your front yard to your back yard, consider adding stepping stones. Although you can purchase stepping stones, you should find ones you can decorate yourself. You may want to add names to each stepping stone or use small pieces of tile to create custom designs on each one.

Improving the landscape of your home can enhance the look and feel of your entire property. Making small modifications can allow you to create a space that is a reflection of your personal tastes, while providing your ideal atmosphere. For professional assistance with your landscape design, contact a company like Boyer WH.