Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

Taking Your Lawn From Damaged To Fabulous In Four Easy Steps

by Dan Mckinney

When you own a home, you want the outside to look good as well as the inside. If there are big patches of missing grass on your lawn or areas that just won't grow no matter how much you water it, you are going to need to put a lot of effort into revitalizing your lawn. Implement these four easy methods of addressing lawn care, and you will be proud of the positive changes you will notice in your yard.

1. Find Out What Kind Of Lawn Damage You Have - Grass that goes too long without water will dry out until it dies, leaving short, rough patches of dehydrated grass in its place. If you have areas of your lawn that look sickly rather than dead, you may need to invest in lawn care treatment that will cure diseases that affect plants. Otherwise, sodding your lawn can help to take care of the appearance of your yard very quickly.

2. Come Up With A Lawn Care Schedule - Lawn care isn't something that you have to do daily, but you definitely need some type of fixed schedule. Just a few days of high heat can dry out your lawn again, setting back your progress and forcing you to start over from the beginning. Set your sprinklers to water the lawn at the early portion of the day to prevent your lawn from drying out, and plan to cut it when the sun is just setting or rising.

3. Check The Weather - Just a few weeks of babying your lawn can make a big difference in the way that it looks. On the other hand, your lawn is going to need just the right amount of watering in order to grow. Additionally, mowing your lawn in the rain is not advised. So check the local forecast on a weekly basis so that you can estimate the amount of water your lawn gets, then adjust your sprinklers and lawn care routine to accommodate your lawn's needs.

4. Keep It Up - Finding out why your lawn became damaged will help you in renewing its appearance, but you can't stop your lawn care routine once you get the results you want. Continue to weed, water, fertilize, and mow your lawn regularly so that it stays looking great and you will actually find that less work is needed. For homeowners that get overwhelmed with the lawn care process, there are many affordable professional landscapers that are talented at revitalizing lawns even when it looks like there is no hope.

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