Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

Pretty Ideas For Landscaping For Fragrance

by Dan Mckinney

Many homeowners landscape simply for beauty. That's perfectly valid. After all, your yard should add curb appeal. That said, your gardening can offer other sensory appeal as well – specifically scent. Plan your landscaping so it develops fragrance as well as beauty.

Rose Patch

One of the most classic gardens for fragrance is the rose patch. Not only are roses beautiful, but they emit a signature scent. Some ideal roses for both beauty and fragrance include damask, golden celebration, honey perfume and heritage. Plan your rose patch with a little pathway in between the plants so you can enjoy a scent-filled stroll.

Cutting Garden

The best flowers for cutting are those that have long stems and pretty blooms. And what do people do when you present them with a bouquet? Sniff it. For that reason, consider planting the following flowers:

  • Iris: Scent ranges from spicy to fruity, while flowers come in multiple hues.
  • Oriental lily: Powerfully fragrant flowers with stunning blooms of yellow, pink, and white.
  • Dianthus: Spicy fragrance with red, white or pink blooms.
  • Hyacinth: Sweet scent with pink, red, white, or yellow flowers.

If you're planning on making bouquets, also plant some scent-free or lightly scented flowers so the fragrance doesn't become convoluted. Better Homes and Gardens suggests aster and coralbells as filler.

Herb Garden

Perhaps you're not so much about creating bouquets as cooking. In that case, an herb garden is an ideal planting. Naturally, you want to plant specific herbs that you enjoy cooking with. However, if you also want to enjoy their fragrance, consider planting mint, rosemary, lavender, lemon balm, basil, and thyme. Start with a central plant, such as a rosemary bush, and plant the other herbs around it for a garden that's also pretty.

Relaxing Niche

Perhaps you'd just like to relax in your garden and enjoy the fragrance. In that case, plan on planting fragrant shrubs such as mock orange, lilac, and gardenia. Choose one variety and plant two or three together. Locate a bench or other comfortable seating nestled in among the shrubs. You can even include an outdoor fountain for the pleasing addition of water music in your relaxing niche.

Shade Arbor

Another way to create a relaxing niche is with a shade arbor. For this, install an arbor, and plant climbers at the base. Scented climbers include jasmine, honeysuckle, sweet pea, and wisteria. You can still plan around a bench and water fountain. Alternatively, consider installing a larger arbor and creating a scented corner for dining al fresco.

Enjoy the scent of your garden as well as its beauty by landscaping for fragrance. Contact a company like All Season Landscaping for more tips.