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2 Benefits of Using Hydroseeding

by Dan Mckinney

If you would like to plant some grass in your yard, you should consider using hydroseeding as the method for planting your grass. This article is going to discuss excellent two benefits that come along with using hydroseeding. 

It Comes With Mulch 

When you initially put seed down in your yard, there are two big issues that you can run into when using traditional grass seed. One issue is that the seed is very susceptible. It could easily be blown away in the wind or eaten by birds or other animals that are passing by. The other issue is that the seed risks not getting the initial moisture that it needs to plant its roots in the soil to stay in place, grow, and eventually thrive. Both of these issues are taken care of when using hydroseeding because it comes with mulch. Mulch is going to help the seed to cement itself into place on the ground because it is mixed in with all of the mulch materials. The mulch is also going to not only provide the seed with the moisture that it needs from the get-go, but it will also help to lock this moisture into place, so that it doesn't dry out. This is going to increase the grass seeds' ability to grow and thrive, making hydroseeding a much more effective form of planting grass seed than many other traditional methods. 

The Seed Is Evenly Distributed 

When you choose to go with hydroseeding to plant your grass, you are also going to have the comfort of knowing that your seed is going to be evenly spread over the ground where you want your grass to be. This is made possible because of two different reasons. For one, the seed spreader is going to be able to evenly spray the mulch and seed over the entire surface area without worry about clumps and uneven seeding amounts. Also, you know that the seed is going to be evenly distributed across your lawn because of the dye that is added to the mulch and seed mixture. This green or blue dye is going to allow you to see each area that has been sprayed with the mixture, as well as how much seed has been spread in that area. This can allow the landscaper spraying the mixture to ensure that it is all going to be evenly covered so that your grass grows in beautifully. 

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