Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

Clever And Creative Tips For Your Yard, Garden, And Landscaping

by Dan Mckinney

This is the time of year to get out and spend some time working in the yard and garden. However, maintaining the landscape can be tough job that takes up a lot of the time that you want to spend enjoying your exterior spaces. Try some tips and tricks that make these chores a bit easier for homeowners, so you can get your work over in a hurry!

Some clever and creative tips include:

Simple pergola.

Buy a decorative pergola -- they are not expensive -- to add to your yard for a quick-and-easy focal point that requires no work! These will instantly dress-up your yard, and give you the perfect foundation for your favorite climbers, ivies, and vines. 

Milk-jug garden.

For an easy-to-care-for garden that doesn't require toiling and tilling, start a milk-jug garden. Simply collect plastic milk jugs and cut the tops off, just above the handle at a diagonal; poke a couple holes in the bottom of each jug. These can be filled with dirt, and are particularly handy for growing herbs, as they can be hung outside a window or in the kitchen.

Garden support.

There is nothing as disappointing as watching a large melon, squash, or other garden bounty grow on the vine, only to have them fall on the ground or break the branch before you pick them. Support heavy fruits and veggies while you wait to pick them with a pair of pantyhose; snip the leg off and slide the foot over your produce; pull it tight and knot it to support on a stronger branch of the plant.

Do-it-yourself watering can.

You can make a DIY watering can out of any plastic container, jug, or bottle that has a tight-fitting, screw-style lid. Poke some holes in the lid to allow water to stream out, and fill the vessel with water or plant food. Replace the lid and use as you would a watering can!

Non-toxic pesticides.

If you don't want to use toxic chemicals and pesticides on your porch, in your home, or around your property, try using beer instead. Place shallow dishes of beer under, near, or around your garden or plants. Pests and slugs are drawn to the beer and will subsequently drown, keeping them away from your vegetation. 

Showering trellis.

Create your own shower of greenery and flowers with an old umbrella. Suspend the umbrella upside-down, hung by the handle and line the cavity with dried moss or peat. Plant a few plants, herbs, or climbers in this moss and water regularly for a cascading trellis that is super-easy to do.

Use these tips to maintain your yard and garden, and to make it a more beautiful place to spend your time in. Talk with landscaping professionals for routine maintenance and lawn care to make a lush yard and blooming garden even easier!