Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

Top 5 Summer Landscape Maintenance Services You Should Be Receiving

by Dan Mckinney

Whether you simply lack the time to care for your lawn, or you prefer to leave the landscaping to a professional, there are a few landscape maintenance services that every customer should be receiving. These will keep your yard in tip-top shape and make it the envy of all the neighbors. 

Irrigation System Tune-Up 

The Ohio Irrigation Association recommends giving your irrigation system a tune-up each year before you begin using it for the summer season. They point out that this can only be done once the top 12 inches of soil has been completely thawed. The landscaping professionals you have under contract should be able to perform this tune-up for you so that you can adequately water your lawn, keeping the grass green and healthy. 

Pre- or Post-Emergent Herbicide Application

One of the landscape maintenance services you should be receiving once the weather warms up is the application of an herbicide in the areas of your lawn where you typically experience weeds. If the professionals arrive before the weeds have made their appearance, a pre-emergent herbicide is needed. Should the pesky intruders already have risen above the soil, then a post-emergent herbicide application is required. It is important to stay on top of weeds, as they steal essential nutrients from the grass, leaving the yard looking dull. 

Mowing and Edging

How often your lawn needs to be mowed depends on the area where you live and how short you have the grass cut each time. Your landscape expert will be able to set up a schedule to have the yard mowed and edged at the proper intervals. This will keep the grass healthy and deter pests that prefer long grass to hide in, such as ticks. 

Add Mulch

Winter isn't the only time to have the area around your plants and shrubs protected with mulch. During the hot summer months, mulch works to keep the soil hydrated and cool. Landscapers can inspect the winter mulch to see if more mulch needs to be added, or if it is best to completely replace the mulch for the upcoming season. 

Check for Pests and Diseases

Each time you utilize landscape maintenance services, you should have the property checked for pests and diseases. These are easy to control when they are caught early, not when you have an entire infestation. The professional landscaper will know which pests and diseases are common to your area and where to look for evidence of them. 

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