Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

Three Lawn Care And Maintenance Tips

by Dan Mckinney

For new homeowners, learning more about lawn care can be an excellent way of ensuring that the property is kept as attractive as possible. When it comes to maintaining your property, the lawn will be one of the most important parts of the landscaping to maintain due to it covering most of the grounds. Following some basic pieces of advice would help you minimize the more routine problems that a lawn may experience.

Plug Bald Patches

It is an unfortunate fact that your lawn may develop bald patches. When these patches form, they can contribute to severe erosion, which may cause the problem to spread. As a result, you will want to patch these areas of the lawn as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, some homeowners will fail to respond in a timely manner due to being concerned about the difficulty or expense of this task. Yet, there are lawn patch kits that you can purchase that contain a mixture of grass seed and fertilizer, and you will simply need to add this mixture to the bald area and water it.

Upgrade Your Property With An Irrigation System

Depending on the size of your lawn, watering can be a very lengthy chore. Yet, failing to water the lawn during periods of little rain can severely compromise its health and appearance. You can greatly reduce both the work involved and amount of water needed by installing a drip irrigation system. These systems will gradually release moisture directly onto the soil, which will minimize the water that is lost to erosion while also giving you greater control over the distribution of the water. As a further convenience, these systems often allow individuals to program them for the time of day they should water the lawn as well as the length of time that they should run.

Hire A Professional Lawn Maintenance Service

In addition to patching bald areas of the lawn and watering it, you will also need to protect it against pests and weeds. To prevent yourself from having to spend countless hours spraying the lawn and pulling weeds, you should hire a lawn maintenance service. These services will visit your property according to a pre-set schedule so that they can provide this type of care for the grass. You may also be able to have these services manage fertilizing your lawn. Determining the correct type and amount of fertilizer to use can be difficult for those with low-quality soil, but these professionals can perform soil tests so that they know which supplements to provide your lawn.