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3 Areas Of Your Home's Exterior Where Pressure Washing Can Be An Effective Cleaning Tool

by Dan Mckinney

Just as with the interior of your home, you want to make sure that your exterior looks great as well. Part of making sure that your exterior looks great is to keep it as clean as possible. However, because the exterior of your home and the surrounding area is always being exposed to the elements, it can sometimes be difficult to keep this area as clean as you would like it to be. Thankfully, there are certain tools that you can use to assist you in keeping these areas clean. One such tool is going to be a pressure washer. This is a pressurized machine that uses water to clean certain areas. This article is going to discuss 3 areas of your home's exterior where pressure washing can be an effective cleaning tool. 

Exterior Walls

The exterior walls of your home are one location where a pressure washer can be quite effective. It can clean off the build-up of dirt, bugs, and hard water that generally accumulates on these walls. Removing this build-up on a regular basis using a pressure washer can stop them from causing permanent fading, stains, or other damage to the exterior of your home. You will just want to be sure that you have the pressure washer on a safe setting for the particular material that your home's exterior walls are made out of.


The cement outside of your home can be cleaned quite well using a pressure washer. You can turn the pressure washer up pretty high because the cement is so strong, and you can blast away anything that is stuck on them. You can also focus on the cracks between sidewalks to remove any extra build up in these areas as well. If you have stains on your side walk due to oil, hard water, spilled drinks and food, etc., then you can use a cleaner along with your pressure washer that is made specifically to remove these kinds of things from your sidewalk. 

Wooden Deck

Another location where you can effectively use the pressure washer outside of your home, is your wooden deck. You can set your pressure washer to a lower setting so that it doesn't cause dents or dings to the wood as it is cleaning it, and then you can carefully use it to remove the build up of dirt, hard water stains, etc. This is going to allow you to cover your entire deck in a short period of time, and can keep it looking clean and new for several years to come. 

For the best results, talk with a residential pressure washing company today.