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2 Warning Signs That It Is Time To Have The Old Tree Next To Your House Removed

by Dan Mckinney

If you have an old tree close to your house, you may start to suspect that its age has taken its toll on the tree's ability to stay strong and healthy. If so, look for the following two warning signs that it is time to have your old tree removed before it dies or becomes so damaged that it falls on your home.

Bulge of Soil Forms at the Base of the Tree

When examining your tree to determine whether it needs to be removed, look first at the soil around the base of the trunk. If a bulge of fresh dirt has formed, this could be a sign that the tree has already started to fall.

As a tree gets older and larger, the roots normally provide a strong anchor to keep it upright. However, if the roots have started to rot or the soil has become too loose to hold the weight of the tree, the tree may start to lean. 

If a bulge of soil has appeared suddenly, this process is happening rather quickly. It is possible that the tree may fall during a heavy rainstorm that softens the dirt, reducing the roots' abilities to hold the tree up.

Mushrooms Growing out of the Trunk

Another sign that your tree has sustained unseen damage is the presence of mushrooms on the trunk. If you see fungal growth growing out of the tree's trunk, it may have started rotting inside, since mushrooms grow on dead, decomposing organic materials.

Mushrooms are a sign that your tree's trunk is dead inside below where the fungi are growing. Depending on the extent of the decomposition, the trunk may become so weak that it can no longer withstand the weight of the tree or a strong wind.

The tree could break at any given time and come crashing through your home's roof. This is especially true if you see large mushrooms growing out from the trunk or notice multiple areas of fungal growth around the base of the tree.

If you notice any or all of the above signs, your tree is no longer healthy and should be removed before it falls and causes damage to your home. Contact a landscaping company that provides tree removal services to have them inspect the tree and discuss your options for having it taken down before it has a chance to cause extensive property damage.