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3 Popular Plants For Your Office

by Dan Mckinney

Office plants are a great way to add natural greenery to your office. If you are planning on having office plants, then you know that the kind you choose have to be hardy enough to withstand an office environment. This means plants having ones which can survive with low light as well as being bumped and bruised by office traffic. Fortunately, there are a number of plants that do very well in the office without a lot of sunlight. Here are three of the more popular ones which thrive in the office environment.


These plants do well in low light. In fact, they don't like direct sunlight at all. The best spots for these plants is not far from the window where they can get indirect, filtered light. However, they also do well in normal office lighting provided they get occasional outdoor light now and then. Be careful about over watering this plant and be aware that they do have some problems with pests. One great thing about this plant is that you can train it to climb, so they can quickly to trained to grow and decorate certain ledges and walls.

Ficus trees:

These popular indoor trees are an office favorite due to their hardiness and low maintenance. They grow slowly, so you won't have to worry about re-potting them often or them growing too tall. Like the philodendron, they don't really like direct sunlight, though they're not as sensitive and small amounts of direct sunlight won't hurt them. One thing they don't like is being moved around, so once you find a place for your ficus, plan on keeping it there for a while. The tree, itself, will tell you when things aren't right by dropping leaves which makes it easy to know when it needs special attention.


These plants look very similar to philodendrons, but have larger leaves and also come in more color varieties. You can find them with green and white, green and yellow, chartreuse, and silver spotted leaves. They are great for any low-light room and have a similar light requirement as their philodendron cousins. Pothos are adaptable and can grow in both dry soil, and their cuttings can be kept in water. They also don't require much fertilizer and you can easily train them to climb.

One great way to look after these plants, as well as any other office plant species you have, is to get an office plant service to look after them. They will not only make sure these plants are watered and fed, but trim dead leaves and deal with pest problems. They can even provide plants for you or suggest something new.