Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

Managing Fallen Trees And Limbs After Storms

by Dan Mckinney

As hurricanes, tropical depressions, and storms of different types bring devastation and nature's changes to the minds of homeowners, a lot of work goes into preparation, but not enough into cleaning up in the aftermath. Cities have multiple plans in place for certain disaster levels, but do you have an efficient plan for handling damage and debris? To go a bit beyond looking up the number of someone with a saw and a truck, consider a few ways to get better use out of a disastrous situation.

Fallen Timber To Project Logs

What happens to fallen trees after a tree removal takes them away? The answer is different for every company, but you should be thinking about what you want to do with the trees instead.

Do you enjoy a good woodworking project? Have you been interested in woodworking, but haven't been able to get to a hardware store or lumber yard to get the wood you need? Well, this may come to a surprise to some, but there's some conveniently fallen wood ready for you to use.

Trees are of course too much work to carve down if you don't have tree removal equipment or expertise, and if you're living a modern life where people have to come and go from the home reliably, you can't just chop everything up to lay around in the yard.

When you call a tree removal professional, let them know ahead of time that you want some of the wood for a project. It may take extra time or extra money, but if the team knows ahead of time, they can bring the proper gear to give you select cuts of wood to work with.

If master crafting is your goal, it may take more than the normal crew to get the job done. Unless you know which parts of the tree to select, you'll need a lumber expert on site to point out good pieces of tree to work on. This involves avoiding rotting, splitting, knots, and other features that can be identified earlier than trial and error cutting.

Mulch, Compost, And Padding

Many tree removal services use one of a few pieces of heavy hardware to grind, mulch, or otherwise destroy the wood on site. This usually comes back with the company as disposable mulch for resale or employee use, but you can buy it from them as well.

Either for free or at a discount, the tree removal service can perform the mulching service in your yard and provide a bit of advice on how to store it. It's up to you to find a proper storage area and ways to spread the mulch, but ask ahead of time to make sure that supervisors are ready with a few suggestions.

If you need the mulch spread across a field or other wide surfaces, just pay for the company's time. A makeshift truck with a spreading bin or an actual, leased spreader can be used to deposit the mulch easily.

Contact a tree removal team and discuss uncommon ways to use the fallen trees and other debris in your yard, and give them time to come up with some truly unique solutions.