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Is Your Lawn Suffering from Soil Erosion?

by Dan Mckinney

Soil erosion can be caused by several factors, including water and wind. When it occurs, the viability of the land is sometimes compromised. Greenery, such as trees and shrubs, can be negatively impacted. Therefore, it is important to take steps to control the erosion before it progresses. To help you start, here are some suggestions to avoid and control any erosion that has occurred on your property.

Use Mulch

One of the simplest ways you can prevent soil erosion is to apply a layer of mulch to areas around trees, shrubs, and other greenery. Soil erosion occurs when the topsoil is basically removed. The mulch works as a protection and helps to soak up some of the water that occurs from watering the lawn and rainfall.

The mulch also helps to balance the pH levels of the soil, which also helps to avoid erosion. The mulch is even beneficial to your greenery. It helps the soil to retain its nutrients, which can provide nourishment to your trees, plants, and other greenery.

Build a Retaining Wall

Water is one of the biggest causes of soil erosion. Water runoff essentially washes away the topsoil. Over time, the area that is affected spreads and other problems can occur, including flooding in your yard anytime there is a significant rain. The flooding can cause water to pool at the foundation of your home, which can lead to costly structural problems.

To avoid all of this, talk to your landscaper about building a retaining wall. The wall not only will prevent water runoff, but it will protect your soil. It can also be a decorative touch to your lawn. The water runoff can be diverted to other areas that might need the water.

Add Greenery to Your Lawn

An inexpensive fix to the soil erosion problem is to add more greenery to your lawn. Plants and shrubs have elaborate root systems. The roots help to stabilize the soil and prevent it from eroding.

You can increase the benefits of using greenery by adding geotextiles to your lawn. There are several types of geotextiles available, including woven and non-woven. The fabric works by helping to protect your soil and offers the drainage and reinforcement that your plants and shrubs need to grow.

Talk to a landscaping company like Holleman  Hydroseeding &  Erosion Control LLC to learn of other measures available to help stop the soil erosion in your yard. Your soil type and climate can have a bearing on which measures are most effective, so a professional consult can be beneficial.