Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

How To Get Your Yard's Soil Ready For A New Lawn

by Dan Mckinney

The condition of your lawn or a lack of lawn in your yard can affect the appearance and value of your home. When your home has a full and well-manicured lawn, it improves your home's exterior and also helps cool your home and yard during the hot summer months. Here are some tips to help you prepare your yard's soil for a new lawn to be planted.

Clear Vegetation Growth

The first step in preparing your yard for a lawn is to get rid of weed growth and any other vegetation that may be growing upon your future lawn site. If there are tall weeds, you can scrape them from the site while leveling the soil by using a bobcat or skid steer to help you with the work. You may want to place all the weeds and vegetation debris into a dumpster for hauling away. Large amount of weed growth can create quite a large amount of debris.

Next, you will want to prevent weeds from reemerging from the soil by applying a weed killer that only kills broad-leaf vegetation. This will prevent common broad-leafed weeds from regrowing, but will not hurt your lawn's growth, as lawn is not a broad-leafed plant.

Remove Unwanted Trees

If there are any trees in your yard that are not of a popular variety, are dead, or not in line with the types of trees you want growing in your yard, you will likely want to remove the trees to place your new lawn. Trees that create unnecessary debris in your yard or an insect infestation are good nominees for removal.

Hire a professional tree service company to remove any large trees in your yard and remove the branches, as it can be dangerous to try to cut them down on your own and without safety equipment. Then, your tree professionals can use their stump grinding tools to grind down the stump within the soil and a large portion of the surface roots, mixing it in with the soil. This process leaves your soil in that area rich with a wood mulch from the tree and ready for a new lawn growth.

Prepare Soil

With any growth removed from the soil, you will need to remove any large rocks and other debris from the soil that can get in the way of your new lawn growth. Make sure the soil is smooth and level. Use a rake to level out any remaining bumps in the soil and to loosen the surface of your soil to prepare it for grass seed application.