Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

How To Blend Hardscape And Landscape Elements Beautifully

by Dan Mckinney

The beauty of a yard doesn't come from a simple expanse of lawn. Rather, an attractive yardscape should include several elements. These can include hardscaping, trees, and other landscaping. The key is to create a beautiful tableau out of your plantlife and hardscaping. Blend these elements together to add curb appeal to your yard.

Pick a Hardscape Feature

An important part of your tableau is a decorative hardscape feature, which will serve as a focal point. This can be the obvious variety, such as a fountain or sculpture. However, you can also choose to have a decorative arbor and gate constructed. Another option is a folly, which is a nonfunctioning building built to enhance your landscape. You can also choose other custom structures or non-traditional features, such as a sun clock. It's also possible to incorporate a functional feature such as a retaining wall.

Add a Pathway

Another hardscaping feature to add to your yard is a garden pathway. If you want a formal effect, design a straight pathway. For a casual walkway, build curves into the form. Indeed, a meandering garden path is a charming way to draw attention to your tableau. You can choose a spot in your yard that overlooks the installation and build a curve into the walkway. Another option is to divert the walkway toward the installation so that visitors "discover" it along the way.

Choose a Tree to Complement the Hardscape Feature

Part of the beauty of your tableau will be its backdrop, which comes from an ornamental tree. Since you don't want the tree to overpower the other landscaping feature, look for a smaller variety. Any dwarf species works well, as do Japanese maple and most dogwoods. Weeping trees, such as any willow or ornamental cherries, provide a graceful backdrop. If you're incorporating a water feature, though, you'll need a tree that doesn't drop leaves or seed heads into the water. According to The Spruce, this can include citrus trees, palm trees, and Cyprus trees.

Plant around the Hardscape Elements

The way to blend all the elements together is by landscaping around them. This can include a collection of annuals and perennials, or you can choose one over the other. You'll definitely want to choose some plants and flowers that accentuate the ornamental hardscaping, such as pretty flowers ringing a fountain or leafy foliage against a stone backdrop. Likewise, if you're designing curves in your walkway, you can use border plantings to keep visitors on the path. Just ensure any plants work well with your tree — meaning they like the shade and have similar soil and water requirements.

Create a beautiful garden focal point by blending hardscaping and landscaping features. Contact a service, like Land Craft, for more help.