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How To Stay Safe When Cutting A Mature Tree

by Dan Mckinney

The definition for maturity is just as broad for trees as it is for humans. A tree is not considered mature until it can reproduce and bear seeds. After reaching this point, it will continue to grow wider and taller.

However, when a tree develops problem, you may want to cut it down. Read on to find out how to stay safe when cutting a mature tree.

Check Your Saw For Oil

Felling a tree can be a potential dangerous job. When it comes to tree cutting for a mature tree, it takes skill and careful planning. This job becomes more complicated when using a chainsaw. It starts by making sure your chainsaw is in good condition.

You need to verify that your saw has fresh oil and make sure that your chain is sharpened or new. The people who are cutting down the tree will need personal protection equipment. This equipment includes a helmet with a face shield, chainsaw chaps, ear protection, eye protection and gloves.

Look Out For Obstacles

When felling down a tree, you want it to land without causing damage. Damage occurs when obstacles get in the way. These obstacles include fences, buildings, power lines and vegetation. An experienced tree trimming service comes up with a plan to prevent a tree from hitting something before landing on the ground.

Examine The Tree

Before the cut, you want to examine the condition of your tree. You have to check for decayed and dead areas because this section can break off. Loose branches are another concern. Some branches can interfere with your fall and pull debris from nearby trees.

Plan Out The Fall

You have to plan out the tree's fall. Most tree have a natural direction to their fall. The direction is usually determined by shape, size and the leanness. You may have to make assessments and calculations before starting with the cutting.

Cutting down a tree can get out of hand quick when the group is inexperienced. You need a retreat path during the fall and crew members on hand. For these reasons, you need to call in the professionals.

A professional tree service, such as Treetime Inc, can help with developing a plan of action. During a cut, you have to clearly communicate the instructions to make sure everything goes as plan. Your tree company can decide on the right tools to use. If you want to cut down a tree in your yard, then you should schedule a consultation today.