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Hard Water: What To Do

by Dan Mckinney

One thing you may never have thought to check when purchasing a house was the quality of the water. Other than turning on a few faucets, it just might not be something you thought much about. After moving in, you may start to notice that your laundry isn't as bright as it once was or that it seems to take a lot more body wash to get a good lather. If your faucets and shower heads seem to look somewhat chalky, it could be that your property is dealing with "hard" water, which is simply water with lots of minerals in it that can cause problems. Try these treatment suggestions.

Soak Faucets and Shower Heads

You may have seen white buildup on the bottoms of your faucets and shower heads but not know what that indicates. It's probable that you're seeing mineral deposits that are not harmful but can affect the water and create clogs. To ensure there's no blockage, you may want to periodically bathe your faucets and shower heads with vinegar.

Vinegar works well for soaking because one of its main ingredients is something called acetic acid. Left in a bucket with your faucets and shower heads, the acid will break down the calcium and other minerals that exist. As a result, free flowing water is no longer a problem.

Spot Clean with Other Water Sources

Even if you've got the minerals off the shower heads and faucets, showering and washing your hands can be rough on your skin. Hard water can sometimes cause a scaly or dry appearance on arms and other parts of the body. If this happens to you, be mindful of your home's water and avoid long showers. Then, use purified or spring water to rinse off particularly dry body parts.

Add Vinegar to the Wash

The minerals making your water "hard" also affect your clothing as it sits in your washing machine. Clothing could seem duller or more yellow than in the past. Luckily, a quick splash with vinegar, particularly apple cider vinegar, can alleviate these issues. Whether you add the vinegar as water is filling the machine or wait until the filling period is over, the addition of this substance can fresh your laundry. The smell won't be noticeable at all once the cycle is complete.

With these treatment pointers, the condition of your water can affect you less. For permanent solutions, water management services nearby, such as The Lake Doctors, Inc., should be contacted.