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3 Tips To Ensure Your Winter Tree Removal Project Is Trouble-Free

by Dan Mckinney

One of the best times of year to do work on trees is during the winter months, since this is when trees are dormant and less likely to be damaged. The winter months are also a good time to consider removing trees that are a hazard. Before you get stared with your winter tree removal project, however, here are some tips that will ensure your project is trouble-free:

1. Treat Disease and Insect Problems During Winter

During the spring and summer months, the diseases that damage trees are more active. Just as trees are dormant in cold weather, diseases and insects will also be dormant. This makes it a great time to consider treatments to deal with these problems. Talk with a tree service expert about options to get rid of infestations. These options can include trimming the disease or having a tree removal done to prevent the issues from spreading to nearby healthy trees.

2. Look for Dangers of Dead Branches and Decaying Trees

There are also dangers of branches and decaying trees falling year-round, but this problem can become worse during the winter months. The trees will become more vulnerable to falling as snow and ice fall on branches. During the winter months, you will want to consider removing trees that are dead and have started to decay. In addition, talk with your tree service about removing any heavy or dead branches that may also be a hazard.

3. Clean Up Tree Waste and Recover Landscaping Before Spring Arrives

There is also tree waste that you are going to have to deal with when you have a tree removal done. During the winter months, it is often a lot easier to deal with tree waste because there are no leaves on trees. You can choose to use the tree waste for things like mulch and ground cover, which are easier to lay during the winter months since you can easily see where it should go. In addition, winter tree removal will allow you to recover your landscaping before the spring arrives. Consider solutions like seeding your lawn before the weather gets warmer to repair any areas that have been damaged during the tree removal process.

These are some tips that will help ensure that your winter tree removal projects do not give you any problems. Contact a tree removal service to help with your winter tree projects to ensure they are done without any problems.