Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

4 Tips for Improving the Look of Your Yard When Selling Your Home

by Dan Mckinney

You may not spend as much time in your front yard as you do in the backyard, but it is important for your front yard to have excellent curb appeal when trying to sell your home. It's the first thing potential buyers see, and while a basic lawn with little landscaping may not prevent someone from buying, it does give your home an overall appearance of neglect. If you are selling your home, check out these simple tips that will improve the look of your yard without much work.

Remove Weeds and Plant Grass Seeds

Weeds can make any yard look unkempt, but if you already do a little landscaping, weeds can give the illusion that you don't maintain your home. Remove any weeds, especially those in the lawn or flower beds. If needed, consider planting some more grass seed in your front yard if grass is sparse. This will make your lawn look healthier, and it will choke out any weeds that try to grow. Another option is to get sod, but that is best if your lawn is totaled and needs to be completely replaced.  

Mow and Edge Your Lawn

Mowing your yard can also go a long way in making it look controlled. Make sure you follow the appropriate cutting guide for your type of grass. Leaving grass too long also contributes to your yard looking unmaintained, but cutting it too short can damage the grass, leading to brown, unhealthy grass. In some cases cutting too short can lead to grass death. After mowing, edge your lawn, especially if you have mulch, wood chips, or rocks around the lawn. Edging makes clear, neat lines that define the yard.

Add Some Seasonal Color

If you are selling your home during the warmer months, consider adding some seasonal color to your yard, especially if you have little flowering foliage. Pick up some inexpensive annual flowers and plant them around your yard. An excellent place is near the walkway and entrance to your house, which is the first real interaction potential buyers have with your home. Color can also give a different texture to your yard, making it more interesting and desirable.

Trim Trees and Get Rid of Stumps

The last step is to trim overgrown trees and bushes. As with mowing and edging the lawn, this goes a long way in showing you have maintained your home. It also gives your yard a more polished look that will attract more potential buyers. If you have any tree stumps, it's a good idea to hire a professional to remove them. Old stumps can affect the beauty of your yard or cause a tripping hazard for people visiting the property.

Making your yard look polished and clean is a great way to ensure the first impression of your house is a good one, making it more likely the buyers will enjoy the inside of your home too. If you would like more information regarding landscaping and yard maintenance, contact companies like Kendall Lawnscapes LLC.