Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

4 Tips For Creating A Complementary Landscape For A Luxury House

by Dan Mckinney

Landscaping a luxury home is like adding a frame to a fantastic painting. But how can you know how to properly frame your home? Here are 4 tips for any luxury style.

Use the Architecture. The style and architecture of the home is the first thing that should inform your landscape style. You want to match the house's style and feeling rather than drawing attention away from it. Is the house formal or casual? Does it feature some interesting detailing, such as a specific architectural style or motif? Does it have fun features like angles, trim, or certain colors? Use these as a base for your landscape style. Use similar materials, colors, and architectural details in your garden design to make things look like they were all designed together. 

Design a Theme. Having a harmonious plan is important for a luxury home. Before you begin digging or pouring, create an overall style and personality for the yard as a whole. Do you want to boost relaxation or create a space where people can enjoy sports? Is the style Western-influenced, or does it stem from Eastern philosophy? The more you can decide in advance, the more you will find inspiration that makes the whole yard feel like it's less of an add-on and more of an overall plan. 

Build an Entrance. The first impression of a luxury home should be the best one. The front yard landscape should center attention on the guest's first approach and entry to the home. You can create this by focusing a walkway on the front entrance area, creating an interesting driveway design, or using the power of perspective to make the entrance appear grander. Look at the home as guests approach it to maximize impact.

Create Outdoor Living. Outdoor living spaces should complement the indoor style of the house. Choose complementary materials and decor that work well with the adjacent interior rooms. For example, an outdoor kitchen should blend in well with the indoor kitchen. But it should also add something unique, like an outdoor pizza oven or large grill area. Outdoor entertainment areas don't replace indoor ones, but they bring something new to draw people outside. 

By thinking about how you want your entire landscape to add not only to your enjoyment of the house but also to the style of your house, you can create a space that will add value and fun to your home for years to come. 

Reach out to local landscaping contractors for more ideas.