Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

Three Ideas For A Dog-Friendly Patio

by Dan Mckinney

If you own a dog, then you know how important your backyard is for you and your pup's enjoyment of your home. Installing a patio right off your back door can further enhance your landscaping so you can enjoy your yard even more. The following are a few ideas to consider incorporating into your new backyard patio installation to create a dog and people friendly place to hang out.

Idea #1: Shade

Some sort of shade is almost a must if you want at least three season enjoyment from your patio. Shade protects you from the heat of the summer sun as well as from spring rainstorms or fall sleet. A permanent awning is the most common choice, but you can also invest in a retractable awning if you occasionally want to allow the light to shine in. Another option is to have a shade pergola erected. You can use shade cloths over the pergola when you want a little bit less sunlight. The shaded area also provides your pup with a place to relax outdoors without being exposed to the elements.

Idea #2: Potty pad

Dogs, particularly older dogs, can't always easily make there way to the lawn to do their business -- especially in inclement weather. Yet, you don't want to find any unwelcome surprises on your new patio, either. A nice work-around is the potty pad. Your patio installation expert can create a small rectangular trough on one of the more remote sections of the patio. This should be equipped with a drain. You can then simply place an artificial turf potty pad inside the trough. Now, when your dog can't make it to the lawn, they can use the potty pad under the protection of the patio awning. You only need to pick up solids and hose down the turf to wash the area.

Idea #3: Raised fire pit

Fire is a popular backyard activity, with many homes now featuring a fire pit, wood-fired ovens, or other similar devices. Unfortunately, these can be dangerous for a dog because the fire and heat is at just the right level to cause a burn or ignite a wagging tail. If you would like a fire pit on your new patio, then consider a raised version. These are built into permanent tabletops, often made of concrete, stone, or brick. These materials conduct warmth but are insulated enough to protect your dog from burns if he brushes past. The flames are also off the ground, which limits exposure.

For more help, contact a patio installation service.