Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

Removing Dead Trees From Your Yard

by Dan Mckinney

Trees can serve an essential part in any landscape, as well as adding shade and comfort to your yard. If a tree has died and starts to rot, the tree can start to become a hazard to your home, and it is time to remove it. Hiring a tree service to help you remove the tree is the best way to ensure the tree comes down without anyone getting hurt.

Get Some Quotes

Before you hire a tree service to take your tree down, it is a good idea to have several different services come and look at the tree, then give you a price for the work. Make sure you ask what is included in each quote, so you are clear about the service you get before you hire a tree service for the work. 

If one tree service is very low priced, but they do not remove the tree from the property after it is gutted, it might not be a bargain at all. Ideally, you want a tree removal service that will cut up the tree, then chip up the wood and haul it away for you. If you're going to save the logs for firewood, you can ask them to leave that part for you.

Removing the Tree

The tree removal service will most likely take the tree down in sections to avoid any damage to your home or structures near the tree and to avoid power or utility lines in the area. They may use a crane if the tree is exceptionally tall, but if the tree is in the open and they can just cut it, they may. 

The process of taking the tree down typically takes less time than the planning and preparing, but it is essential that the tree is examined from all sides, and the tree service knows precisely what to cut at the right time to make that tree fall the way they want.

Removing the Stump

Once the tree is down, you will still have a stump to deal with but check with the services for tree removal in your area to see if they offer stump grinding or removal when you get your quotes. If the tree removal company can remove the stump as well, it can save time and eliminate the need to hire a stump grinding contractor.

Grinding the stump after the tree is cut is important because the stump and roots can continue to grow even after the tree is down. While some people do leave them in the yard, over time, the roots can cause problems with pipes and underground structures like septic systems. Stumps can also be a problem is you are landscaping the area where the tree once stood or if you are building something in that location.