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Got A Lot Of Diseased Trees On Your Property? 2 Tips To Clear Them Out

by Dan Mckinney

If you have a lot of trees on your property that are diseased, you need to remove them, or the disease will continue to spread. One way to do this is to clear the land to completely remove everything. You can then start fresh again and plant more trees. Below are two tips to help you get this done.

Hire a Pro or DIY

If you only have a few trees, you may be able to remove them on your own. If you do have a lot of trees, however, you should hire a professional company to do this for you. This will cost money but will be well worth it. The company will have the right equipment to get the land cleared much quicker. They will also know how to do this safely so no one will be injured. For example, if you remove trees on your own and cut it in the wrong way the tree could fall and injure or even kill someone. 

You do need to walk through the land to ensure there is nothing you would like to keep. For example, you may have other landscaping, such as large bushes, that you would like to keep in their current place. If so, make sure you tell the contractor about this so they will not clear these out.

Get Ready

If you choose to have a professional company clear your land for you make sure they have enough room to get to the area. This is because they will likely have large equipment they will be using. This will depend on how large and how many trees there are. You may even have to dig a path for the drivers to drive through to gain access. Talk with the company to see how they want to handle this if you do not have enough area for their trucks. 

The company may need to have access to electricity for some things, such as battery-powered equipment. You also need to know if there are any septic tank systems on the property and where this is. The last thing you want to have happen is for the company to start clearing and dig up a septic tank. 

The land clearing company that you hire can give you much more detailed information about clearing your land. They can also tell you of other things you can do before they arrive to make the job go quicker for them, so you won't have to pay as much in labor charges.