Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

Important Reasons To Consider Residential Tree Removal

by Dan Mckinney

Residential property owners may hate the idea of having any of their trees cut down and removed. Nevertheless, sometimes this work is advisable for various reasons. A tree may have become unstable because of damage or deterioration. A diseased tree could spread the infection. Sometimes trees have grown too close together, which has a negative impact on one or both of them. Others might have become too big for their location. A tree removal service completes the work safely.

Safety Concerns

Instability can develop after storm damage due to strong winds or a lightning strike. Large broken branches on one side leave the tree unbalanced. A tree can also start to die off for no apparent reason, weakening the structure.

Some grow in a way that makes them weaker than they should be. An example is a trunk divided into two leaders instead of growing with one main vertical branch. This tree may not be strong enough to withstand heavy winds. More than one leader also may detract from the aesthetic quality.

Diseases and Related Issues

Rotting caused by fungal growth might be resolved if tackled early. However, people often don't notice until the problem is too serious. Oak wilt is an example of a fungal disease spread by insects. Sometimes bugs don't spread disease but, gradually destroy the plants with their infestation. An example is the bark beetle that attacks conifers. Arborists are likely to recommend removing an infested and obviously sick tree. 

Landscaping Considerations

Often it's difficult for property owners to envision what small trees will be like in 15 or 20 years. For example, they don't realize the trees are too close together. Years later, one has become stunted because it does not get enough sunlight and air. It may have grown normally on one side but not on the side with the neighboring tree.

Another problem develops when homeowners don't expect trees to grow so large that a great deal of yard space is now unavailable. Oversized trees can block views from windows and hide the beauty of the home's front exterior. There might be issues with drainage after heavy rain if part of the yard never gets sunshine. 

Getting Started

Tree removal services provide quotes after evaluating the landscape. Customers might want to have the technicians do some trimming while they are at the property. When the work is complete, the landscaping is prettier and there are no more worries about tree-related problems.