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Insight To Help You Keep Your Yard Sprinklers In Good Working Order

by Dan Mckinney

The health of your sprinkler system is an important element when the weather begins to warm up and your lawn cannot rely on spring rains anymore. Here are some helpful tips and recommendations for keeping your yard sprinklers in good condition and working well.

Complete Regular Maintenance

Your sprinkler system is going to work well for you as long as you keep an eye on it and make simple adjustments when they are needed. Watch for the main indicator of a problem, which will be dead spots on your lawn. Hopefully, with regular checking of your system, you can prevent this from occurring. 

Turn on your sprinklers once a week to make sure all the heads are spraying well. Watch for spray patterns that are going in the wrong direction, such as onto the sidewalk or the side of your home. Adjust the sprinklers to correct any improper spray either by rotating the pins in the head to spray in a wider or more narrow field, or adjust the head to spray out further or in a smaller diameter of spray. 

If a sprinkler appears to be clogged, you can use the end of a pin or small wire to clear out debris that might be stuck in the sprayers of the sprinkler. Then, if any sprinklers are cracked and leaking or broken, you can replace them with a new head immediately. Broken heads will cause an imbalance in your sprinkler zone's water pressure and will cause dry spots and a dead lawn.

Make Necessary Repairs

After you take the needed steps to ensure your sprinklers are working well to keep your lawn watered, you should also keep an eye out for damage that needs to be addressed. Sprinkler heads sit just at the level of your landscaping and lawn, but they can become damaged from foot and accidental vehicle traffic. If a sprinkler head gets broken off at its base or at the sprinkler's pop-up point, you will need to excavate down around the sprinkler head to expose the entire head so you can remove the damaged part. Then, you will need to replace it with a new sprinkler head. 

It is recommended to keep some extra sprinkler heads on hand so you can perform repairs when one breaks. Keeping the same heads in stock will also make it easier to keep all your heads the same brand and style so you have uniform sprinkler spray. Mixing brands of sprinkler heads with different types of heads can cause your lawn to get irregular irrigation. Then, if you discover a broken sprinkler head, you have the parts to immediately repair it and keep your sprinkler system working.

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