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Things To Love About Lime Stabilization

by Dan Mckinney

When the average person looks at soil, they only see dirt. However, soil isn't that simple. Some soil is strong, healthy, and fertile, while other soil may be lacking in vital ways. Some soil, for example, may not be easily workable. Or, it could have problems supporting the structure above it or that will be placed above it. Fortunately, there are many ways in which professional landscapers can improve soil. One such option is a process known as lime stabilization. Through this process, lime is applied to and can improve almost any type of soil, providing multiple benefits in the process.

Increased Strength

Strong soil is important for supporting structures. Lime stabilization is an excellent option for making soil much sturdier. In particular, this method, when correctly applied by professionals, has the ability to greatly improve compressive strength. With higher compressive strength, soil will be less likely to crumble or give under extreme pressure. Those who want greater support for an existing structure or who want to properly prepare a construction site can benefit greatly from this method.

Reduced Swelling

When soil fills with moisture, it can swell. And while some moisture is healthy and necessary for soil, too much moisture retention and the resultant swelling can lead to problems. Soil that swells heavily can cause the structure above it to lift slightly, which can lead to damage over time. Fortunately, lime stabilization can keep swelling at bay and protect both your soil and the structure on top of it as a result.

Lasting Results

There are many methods of soil stabilization. However, lime stabilization is one of the most effective, especially in the long term. The key is simply to maintain the presence of lime in the soil for as long as possible. When properly applied and maintained by professionals, keeping lime levels within the necessary parameters is easy to do. Additionally, a good soil stabilization service can also help to maintain the required pH and other factors that will enable treated soil to continue performing at its best.


Finally, you'll be glad to know that lime stabilization is a very cost-effective method of improving soil. It is a better and less invasive choice than making changes to the reliant structure itself. Because the effects can be lasting, it can also mean spending less money less frequently on soil treatments.

Ultimately, lime stabilization is a wonderful soil stabilization method. If it can work for your specific type of soil and your purposes, you should strongly consider it. Just be sure to have it applied by qualified professionals.

For more information on lime stabilization, contact a professional near you.