Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

3 Major Considerations To Make When Planning Your Landscape Design

by Dan Mckinney

Your landscape design significantly impacts the overall curb appeal of your property. However, many homeowners opt to take this seemingly easy task into their hands. Unfortunately, a DIY job can create long-term errors that can be costly to fix.

The advantage of working with a professional landscaping expert is that they bring expertise that a regular person might not have into the process. Therefore, you should hire professionals to plan and implement your landscape design. This article looks at the considerations you ought to make when planning your landscape design.

Understand Your Yard's Conditions

Your region's climate and the topography of your home are the initial considerations to make in your landscaping venture. Thus, you should check plant zone maps to determine which vegetation would work well in your area. Usually, the general zone maps give you a broad idea of what to plant and what to avoid. However, the current status of the soil will also determine the plants that will flourish better than others.

So first, your landscaping expert will assess the microclimate close to your home and help you select the ideal plants. Common microclimates include full sun, partial shade, shade, and deep shade. Then, they will assess the area's water drainage ability and incorporate it into the plan.

Getting Link Spaces

Link spaces can help you attain the yard of your dreams. Think of your yard as a room in your home, and organize it the same way you have planned the rest of the house. Ensure that you create connective systems that allow people to move from one part of the yard to another. The landscaper can help you choose the best material to line up the paths.

Consider the Yard Usage

It is also crucial to think about the people who will use the yard regularly. For instance, consider your children and pets and whether they will often play in the yard. If so, the landscaping professional will customize the hardscape in a way that offers the young ones and pets a safe and adequate space to stretch and play.

You should also consider long-term landscape maintenance. Ask your landscaping contractor to help you choose an easy-to-maintain design. They can suggest a general theme if you want minimal and less expensive maintenance. Some of these themes include oriental gardens and relaxation spaces.

These are simple yet effective guidelines to help you create unique landscaping.

Contact a landscaping service to learn more.