Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

3 Essential Lawn Care Services You Should Not Neglect

by Dan Mckinney

The key to a healthy and appealing lawn lies in regular lawn care. As a result, hiring professional lawn care services is advisable to ensure your yard gets the best treatment possible.   

However, lawn care services include more than just mowing your grass. Lawn grass also needs fertilization and pest control.  

If you want a healthy lawn, here are three essential lawn care services you should consider.   

1. Lawn Mowing Services  

Mowing a lawn involves more than pushing a lawn mower over a grassy field. Besides, how the mowing gets done also affects the health of your grass and the underlying soil.   

Most homeowners always set their lawn mowers to a cutting height of 2-3 inches. But, professional lawn mowers know that a 2-3 inches cutting height only applies to ryegrass. Hence, different types of grass have varying cutting height requirements.   

If you mow the grass too low, the underlying soil rapidly loses moisture due to the sun's heat. Cutting the grass too tall could facilitate the development of molds and fungi.   

Thus, to avoid damaging your lawn with DIY lawn mowing, you should hire a professional lawn care service to mow your lawn properly.  

2. Lawn Fertilization Services  

Fertilizing your lawn is an essential step that provides your grass with the nutrients it needs to grow thick and healthy. Nonetheless, over or under-fertilizing your yard can lead to several issues.   

Under-fertilizing your lawn denies you lawn grass enough nutrients for growth. Thus, the grass grows weak, and your yard becomes patchy. Over-fertilizing your yard increases the levels of salts and nitrogen in the soil. Grass needs salts and nitrogen in fertilizer to grow. But excessive amounts of fertilizer kill grass via a process known as fertilizer burn.   

Additionally, using the wrong fertilizer can also damage your lawn. For instance, using a fast-release fertilizer can lead to fertilizer burns on your lawn.   

Thus, if you are not well versed in fertilizing a lawn, it is best to hire a professional lawn care service provider because they are aware of:

  • The best fertilizers to use
  • How frequently to apply the fertilizer 
  • The right amount of fertilizers to use 

  3. Pest and Disease Control 

Occasionally, pests invade a lawn and eat away at the grass. But if the pests exceed a critical mass, they can eat a significant amount of grass, leaving your yard looking patchy. As for lawn diseases, they are primarily due to the growth of different fungi and molds.  

Lawn care service providers are well versed in the different types of lawn pests and diseases to look for when inspecting your lawn. They are also aware of the best remedies for getting rid of the pest and how to prevent the spread of lawn diseases.   

There is a better chance of your lawn surviving pest and disease attacks if you invest in professional lawn care services. To learn more, contact a yard care service such as Dirt & Turf.