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Take It Up A Notch: Why Choose A Wood-Burning Pizza Oven

by Dan Mckinney

If you're building an outdoor kitchen, and you've decided to add a pizza oven, make it wood-burning. You might think that electric or natural gas is the way to go, but that's not the case. Wood-burning pizza ovens are among the best ways to cook pizza in your outdoor kitchen. In fact, wood-burning pizza ovens provide benefits that you might not have considered. Before you settle on gas or electricity for your outdoor pizza oven, read the list provided below. Here are four of the reasons to choose an outdoor wood-burning stainless steel pizza oven instead.

Retain the Nutrients

If you love pizza, but you wish it was more nutritious, it's time to invest in a wood-burning pizza oven. With a wood-burning pizza oven, you can turn pizza into a healthy meal option. This is especially true when you start with the right ingredients. For instance, you can create your own sauce using fresh ingredients. You can also make your own crust. Plus, you can add fresh toppings for added nutrition. Finally, you can cook your pizza in a wood-burning pizza oven. Wood-burning pizza ovens retain more of the nutrients. That means your pizza will be a healthier meal option for you. 

Enjoy a Smoky Flavor

If you want to add more flavor to your homemade pizza, a wood-burning pizza oven might be your best option. When you cook your pizza in a gas or electric pizza oven, you don't get any extra flavors. In fact, you might even lose some of the flavors during the cooking process. That's where a wood-burning pizza oven comes into the picture. With a wood-burning pizza oven, the smoky flavor will bake right into the pizza. This gives each slice a rich taste. 

Reduce the Cook Time

If you don't want to make your guests wait for their pizza, don't forget to install a wood-burning pizza oven. One of the great things about wood-burning pizza ovens is that they cook faster than gas or electric ovens. That means you get pizza from the oven to the table in a shorter time. 

Expand the Menu Options

If you want to serve more than pizza, now's the time to invest in a wood-burning pizza oven. Wood-burning pizza ovens go beyond pizzas. In fact, you can use your wood-burning pizza oven for freshly baked breadsticks, roasted vegetables, and meat. Best of all, it can all be made right in your own backyard. 

Take your outdoor kitchen to the next level. Have a wood-burning pizza oven installed, and taste the difference.