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Deck Design And Construction Tips

by Dan Mckinney

A new deck can be an important addition to your property. It can be a comfortable and pleasant area for your family to spend time outside. To make this area as functional and safe as possible, there are a surprising number of design considerations.

The Accessibility For A Raised Deck

It is a common choice for decks to be raised. This can keep the deck level with the doors of the home, and it can be necessary for adding a deck area around an above-ground pool. If you choose a raised design for your deck, making it accessible will need to be a consideration. While this may be achieved with stairs, it can be useful to include railing in the design and potentially add a non-slip surface to the stairs. These features can improve the safety of those using the stairs by significantly lowering the risk of them slipping and falling.

The Weight Of Fixtures Or Appliances That Will Be On The Deck

There may be numerous fixtures or pieces of equipment that individuals will want to have on their deck. At a minimum, this may involve furniture and light sources. However, many individuals will also want to place grills, plants, and other heavy items on the deck. This could greatly increase the amount of weight that the deck will have to support. Unfortunately, failing to account for this weight can lead to designing a deck that is simply unable to support the combined weight of these items and the people that are on it. During the process of preparing the designs for the deck, it can be a practical step to make a list of the various types of items that you want on the deck as well as the number of people that you expect to use it at one time. These pieces of information can be necessary for the designer to create a plan that will be strong enough for your needs.

The Cover For The Deck Area

A deck can be a pleasant area to enjoy time in the sun. However, there may be times when the sun may be too intense for you to comfortably use the deck. During these times, having at least a section of the deck covered can allow you to continue enjoying time outside while staying in the cool shade. These areas can also be useful when it is raining or even snowing. As a result of the added benefits that a deck cover will provide, it can be worth considering including this feature with your new deck.

For more information, contact a deck contractor.