Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

A Tree Removal Service Can Remove A Tree That's In The Way Of You Using Your Backyard

by Dan Mckinney

If you have a tree that's in a bad place in your backyard, you may wish it was gone so you could set up an inground pool, play equipment for your kids, or a garden.

The first step is to check with your city to see if the tree can be removed since it's healthy but just in the way. They may want to know the tree species and size. They may even come to your house to check the tree. City codes might require you to plant a new tree somewhere on your property to replace the one you take down. If you have approval and you're ready to get rid of the tree, call a tree removal service for help. Here are things to know about having a tree removed. 

Heavy Equipment May Need Access To Your Yard

The tree service may start by cutting off small limbs and branches. When these fall to the ground, they need to be taken from the backyard to the front. Workers can pull some to the front by hand, but heavy pieces may need to be handled by machinery. Some machines will fit through a standard fence gate, but it's possible that part of your fence will need to be removed to get the tree pieces out of the yard.

The Tree Service May Mark Off A Fall Zone

A tree removal service uses safety precautions so your property and people aren't harmed when taking down a tree. They may use tape to mark off a large area under the tree where debris might land. Be sure to keep your family and pets inside the house while the work is going on.

The tree crew can use ropes to lower chunks of the tree slowly to the ground, but sometimes big pieces can land with a thud, and it's important that no one is inside the fall zone except for employees of the tree service. The workers pick up debris as it's created so your yard won't be a mess when the work is done.

Getting Rid Of The Stump May Be Extra

Since some people don't care about stump removal, it often isn't included in the cost of tree removal services. Your tree removal service may not even get rid of stumps, so be sure to ask. Since you want to reclaim your yard, you'll want the stump to be gone too.

Grinding is an excellent way to eliminate a tree stump, so if your tree removal service doesn't offer stump grinding, you'll need to find a stump removal service to come out once the tree removal crew has finished their part of the job.

Contact a local tree removal service to learn more.