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Why Hydroseed The Lawn On Your New Custom Home?

by Dan Mckinney

If you are building a custom home, then you will have to think about landscaping at some point. If you want some lawned areas around your property, then you have to choose the best way to get grass on the ground. While you can start from scratch with seed or lay down sod, hydroseeding is another option. How does hydroseeding work and what are its benefits?

What Is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding uses a specialty mixture to lay down grass in bare areas of dirt. The process creates a virtually instant layer of grassy topsoil. At the start of the process, you choose which kind of grass seed you want in your mix. Your contractor might suggest a suitable variety, or you might run a soil test to find the right type of grass for your earth. Your contractor then creates your mix. This mix typically includes grass seeds, water, fertilizer, mulch, and bonding agents. It is combined into a wet slurry mix.

Once your ground is ready for grass, your contractor uses specialty equipment to blow the slurry mix over the ground. Once the earth is covered, the mix will bond into it. Your grass seeds will have everything they need to grow fast and effectively.

Why Use Hydroseeding?

You might have to spend a lot of time and money on laying traditional lawns. For example, if you work with grass seeds, then you have to sow the seeds and take care of them. You'll have to fertilize the seeds, water them, and mulch them. You'll have to wait some time for your grass to grow to a reasonable height. You have no guarantees that you'll end up with lush coverage. If seeds don't take in certain parts of your yard, then your lawn will be patchy.

While you can turf a lawn, this is a more costly process. Plus, you still have to take care of the newly-laid grass. If its roots don't embed into the ground correctly, then your lawn won't thrive. You might need to replace some of it.

Hydroseeding is a fast and effective way of getting grass onto the ground. The slurry mix covers all your ground quickly. It instantly makes brown soil look green. Your yard will look more attractive even before the grass starts to grow.

While you have to water your mix at the start to give it a growth boost, your grass generally takes care of itself. It is bonded with everything it needs to grow, so it will start growing as soon as it settles on the ground. Your lawn will grow faster and look lusher. You also won't have high turf purchasing costs.

To learn more, contact hydroseeding contractors.