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Sprinkler Irrigation System Getting Older? 3 Common Problems To Watch Out For

by Dan Mckinney

Having a sprinkler irrigation system helps keep your lawn beautiful and healthy. If your system is starting to get older, it may start having problems. Below are three of these problems so you can get them repaired to keep your lawn looking great. 

Sprinkler Head Clogs

Clogs can build up in sprinkler heads over time. It can be easy to know if your system has a clog. You will notice reduced water pressure. You also may notice the sprinkler head spray pattern change. 

The clog may be inside the sprinkler head which is easy for you to remove on your own. Remove the sprinkler head and remove any clogs found. You can also wash the sprinkler head in warm, soapy water — remember to rinse it off completely when finished. If there is no clog in the sprinkler head but you are still having these issues, the clog could be deeper into the pipes and will need to be looked at by a professional. 

Sunken Sprinkler Heads

Over time sprinkler heads can become much lower or sink into the ground. They can also start to tilt which can happen if the sprinkler heads are hit by something, such as with a lawnmower or if someone steps on the sprinkler heads. 

If your sprinkler heads are sunken the spray pattern will change. You can try to lift up the sprinkler heads on your own. You may need to add more soil to lift them up. If they will not go up or you continue to have problems once you get them up, the sprinkler heads may be damaged. Contact an irrigation repair service to help you. 

Problem with Control Valves

The control valves may start to leak once they become older. This will cause water to leak while the sprinkler system is running. You will also likely notice water leaking even if you turn the sprinkler system off. If you see water on the ground around the sprinkler heads this is likely the problem. You will also notice reduced water pressure when the sprinkler system is running. 

Contact an irrigation repair service to help you. They can find the leak and repair it. They may also have to replace a sprinkler head or other part if the leak continues to happen. This is important as the leak will only become worse causing your water bill to increase. 

An irrigation repair service like Red Mill Landscaping & Nursery can tell you about other problems you may have with your system.