Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

Reasons To Build Your Deck Around A Tree

by Dan Mckinney

Some people cut down trees in their yards to make room for the construction of a deck, but this isn't the only option at your disposal. Another option is to build the deck around the tree — in other words, have a tree-shaped hole somewhere in the deck. This is a job that an experienced deck builder can tackle for you. They'll be able to skilfully design the deck to have this unique feature, and then build it as per the agreed-upon design. There are several reasons that you may wish to build your deck around a tree in your yard, including the following.

Built-In Shade

A lot of people who plan to use their deck a lot in the years ahead like the idea of having a source of shade in this area. While your deck builder could construct a pergola or you could set up an awning or umbrella, no source of shade is thorough as a tree that has a thick canopy. Leaving the tree in place will provide shade for a good portion of your deck. If desired, you can have your builder extend one end of the deck away from the tree so there can be a sunny area to enjoy when you wish.

Tree Conservation

Although it can sometimes make sense to cut down one or more trees in your yard to build a structure such as a deck, not everyone likes the idea of cutting down trees. If you not only like the look that the tree provides in your yard but perhaps also don't feel very good about killing a living tree, building the deck around the tree can be an idea that you appreciate. You may feel that you're making an environmentally friendly decision by keeping the tree, rather than cutting it down.

Unique Look

Don't discount the unique look of having a deck that surrounds a tree. While your family members and friends have likely seen dozens of different standard decks in their lives, they've perhaps not seen this type of creative design in person. You can expect that guests who visit your home for an outdoor get-together will be impressed with the creative style that your deck offers. Some deck builders can even create built-in bench seating around the perimeter of the tree, which further helps to create a unique look. Talk to a local custom deck builder about this type of deck design.