Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

  • 4 Preparation Steps For Artificial Turf Installation

    30 May 2023

    Whether you live in an area with water restrictions or are just simply weary of routine lawn maintenance, an artificial turf lawn provides an aesthetically pleasing alternative to grass. Installation begins with properly preparing your yard before the turf is actually laid and fastened in place.  1. Utility Planning It's vital that the utilities are marked before installation begins. You don't want to hit a gas line or bust through your water line during the installation process.

  • Gravel Or Flagstone For A Less Slippery Garden Path?

    18 May 2023

    A garden path is a lovely type of hardscaping that benefits any yard. When it rains, though, that path can become too slippery to safely walk on. Unless you like walking through wet grass and soggy mud, you should try to find a material for the path that offers a little more traction. Some materials stand out, such as gravel or, in many cases, flagstone. If you're not making your decision based on how they look (which is admittedly a big issue for many homeowners), they both offer some advantages that, with the right care, can help you stay upright when walking along the path.

  • Learn How To Maintain A Healthy Lawn This Year

    26 April 2023

    If you own a home, you want your lawn to stay looking great to prevent lawn diseases. A lawn disease has requirements to stay active and to take over your lawn., including the right amount of water and the right temperatures. As most lawns have these things, any lawn can get a lawn disease. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to maintain a healthy lawn, three of which are listed below.

  • Sprinkler Irrigation System Getting Older? 3 Common Problems To Watch Out For

    11 April 2023

    Having a sprinkler irrigation system helps keep your lawn beautiful and healthy. If your system is starting to get older, it may start having problems. Below are three of these problems so you can get them repaired to keep your lawn looking great.  Sprinkler Head Clogs Clogs can build up in sprinkler heads over time. It can be easy to know if your system has a clog. You will notice reduced water pressure.

  • Why Hydroseed The Lawn On Your New Custom Home?

    20 March 2023

    If you are building a custom home, then you will have to think about landscaping at some point. If you want some lawned areas around your property, then you have to choose the best way to get grass on the ground. While you can start from scratch with seed or lay down sod, hydroseeding is another option. How does hydroseeding work and what are its benefits? What Is Hydroseeding? Hydroseeding uses a specialty mixture to lay down grass in bare areas of dirt.

  • Landscape Options That Require Less Water Than Grass

    1 March 2023

    Many homeowners are now interested in landscape ideas that do not require a lot of water to maintain. This is both a cost-saving consideration as well as an environmentally friendly one. Water conservation is a major topic amongst landscape designers, so it will be something that you come across. Below is a listing of some of the options when it comes to landscape design options that do not require much water.

  • A Tree Removal Service Can Remove A Tree That's In The Way Of You Using Your Backyard

    14 February 2023

    If you have a tree that's in a bad place in your backyard, you may wish it was gone so you could set up an inground pool, play equipment for your kids, or a garden. The first step is to check with your city to see if the tree can be removed since it's healthy but just in the way. They may want to know the tree species and size. They may even come to your house to check the tree.

  • Things You Can Do To Control The Mosquito Population In Your Yard

    23 January 2023

    Too many people make the mistake of assuming that there really is not anything they can do about how many mosquitos have made their yards home. This thought could not be further from the truth. While you certainly cannot control insects to the point that you will never have another mosquito in your yard ever again, you can certainly cut down on how many of them you have to deal with.

  • Thinking Of Planting A Pollinator Garden? Here's What You Need To Do

    6 January 2023

    Creating a pollinator garden in your backyard is a great way to support pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, and add beauty to your outdoor space. Flowers that have evolved specifically to attract pollinators typically have developed at least one of two main ways of signaling to the birds and bees that they're open for business. Many have bright, showy flowers meant to attract the eye, while others emit a heavenly aroma to lure pollinators — and some do both.