Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

  • Three Lawn Care And Maintenance Tips

    15 May 2017

    For new homeowners, learning more about lawn care can be an excellent way of ensuring that the property is kept as attractive as possible. When it comes to maintaining your property, the lawn will be one of the most important parts of the landscaping to maintain due to it covering most of the grounds. Following some basic pieces of advice would help you minimize the more routine problems that a lawn may experience.

  • Top 5 Summer Landscape Maintenance Services You Should Be Receiving

    30 April 2017

    Whether you simply lack the time to care for your lawn, or you prefer to leave the landscaping to a professional, there are a few landscape maintenance services that every customer should be receiving. These will keep your yard in tip-top shape and make it the envy of all the neighbors.  Irrigation System Tune-Up  The Ohio Irrigation Association recommends giving your irrigation system a tune-up each year before you begin using it for the summer season.

  • Dry, Sandy Soil? Follow These Landscaping Tips

    30 April 2017

    When your soil is dry and sandy, growing lush, green plants is more of a challenge than when you have rich, loamy soil to work with. However, this does not have to mean your yard stays empty and barren. With the tips below, you can have a lovely landscape in spite of your sandy soil. Work compost into the top layer. Removing all of the sandy soil and replacing it with loam is probably not an option unless you have an enormous budget.

  • Clever And Creative Tips For Your Yard, Garden, And Landscaping

    27 April 2017

    This is the time of year to get out and spend some time working in the yard and garden. However, maintaining the landscape can be tough job that takes up a lot of the time that you want to spend enjoying your exterior spaces. Try some tips and tricks that make these chores a bit easier for homeowners, so you can get your work over in a hurry! Some clever and creative tips include:

  • Three Signs That You May Need To Repair A Sprinkler System Leak

    24 April 2017

    An automatic sprinkler system is a great way to keep your grass green without having to water by hand, but a malfunction can result in a dead lawn if you don't catch it quickly. Leaks are especially common early in the season when you are first turning on the sprinklers in the early summer, simply because they are often caused by winter freezing combined with water left in the lines. Knowing the following signs of a leak can help you catch it early, before it becomes a major issue.

  • Turning Your Home Into A Rental? Remove A Struggling Tree Beforehand

    19 April 2017

    When you own the home that you live in, you can commit to high-maintenance landscape without a problem. It may be worth it if you love how your yard looks. For instance, you may have a tree that has been struggling for a long time that you are trying to make healthy again. This is perfectly fine, but if you have decided to turn your property into a rental, you should consider removing the tree because there are several complications that come with keeping it around.

  • Landscaping Tips For New Homeowners

    12 April 2017

    Becoming a homeowner will require you to become familiar with the numerous forms of maintenance that will need to be done to keep the property beautiful. For individuals that have never had the experience of owning a yard, it can be simple to make errors that lead to serious and complex problems to correct. Have Soil Tests Performed In order to thrive, the plants on your property will need to have their specific nutritional needs met.