Does Your Yard Have a Landscaping Theme?

  • Are You Landscaping Your New House?

    9 October 2019

    Have you recently moved into a new home that was built exactly to your own specifications? If so, you are probably now enjoying living in every square inch of your new home. Lucky for you that it was built before the upcoming holidays, right?  Next on your list might be having the front and back yards custom landscaped so they will be as beautiful as your actual house. Do you have a landscaping design in mind already?

  • 3 Landscaping Tips For New Rental Property Owners

    21 August 2019

    As a new property owner of a multi-family housing complex, you likely have a lot on your plate. One thing you do want to make sure you attend to right away is your building's landscaping. A nicely landscaped complex looks more inviting to prospective tenants, especially if you hope to attract young professionals that are concerned about appearances. The following are a few landscaping tips to ensure your building always looks its best.

  • 5 Reasons To Hire A Lawn Maintenance Team

    15 July 2019

    Whether you have a smaller or larger lawn, keeping up with maintenance tasks can be a lot of work. Life is plenty busy so you may feel like it's impossible to take care of your lawn and make it look great all the time. When you're struggling with lawn care maintenance, it's best to get the professionals involved right away. They can handle all of your lawn needs quickly and easily.

  • Should You Hire A Landscaping Expert?

    29 May 2019

    More Americans have come to appreciate the importance of having a yard that is well taken care of. When the stakes are your property value or falling foul of the neighborhood association, it makes sense to see more people putting in the work to have a good-looking yard. However, whether you're doing it because you want to keep your property value up or because you love having a beautiful yard, there will be many challenges you'll need to face.

  • Three Ideas For A Dog-Friendly Patio

    15 January 2019

    If you own a dog, then you know how important your backyard is for you and your pup's enjoyment of your home. Installing a patio right off your back door can further enhance your landscaping so you can enjoy your yard even more. The following are a few ideas to consider incorporating into your new backyard patio installation to create a dog and people friendly place to hang out. Idea #1: Shade

  • Drought-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

    24 June 2018

    When your area is experiencing a seasonal drought or is simply a dry area that doesn't experience much rainfall, it doesn't make sense to use precious water to keep thirsty landscape plants alive. Instead, homeowners often choose to landscape their home with drought-resistant plants or even no plants at all rather than deal with having dead plants in their yard that can't handle a water shortage. Read on for some tips on landscaping your yard in a drought-prone area.

  • 4 Tips For Creating A Complementary Landscape For A Luxury House

    28 March 2018

    Landscaping a luxury home is like adding a frame to a fantastic painting. But how can you know how to properly frame your home? Here are 4 tips for any luxury style. Use the Architecture. The style and architecture of the home is the first thing that should inform your landscape style. You want to match the house's style and feeling rather than drawing attention away from it. Is the house formal or casual?